Turn Your Phone into the Best Selfie Camera

October 11, 2016

Crush Glow Selfie Light - Turn your phone into a selfie camera

The Crush Glow Selfie Light turns your phone into the ultimate selfie camera. 

Everybody knows that when it comes to getting the perfect selfie, lighting is everything. The Selfie Light works great in dark places such as in a restaurant or night club. It also works great even when you are in a well lit area. The Selfie Light allows you to get perfectly even lighting that is not always possible, even in a well lit situation. 

The Crush Glow Selfie Light is compatible with all smart phones including the new iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7. It simply clips over the phone which allows it to also work with tablets, laptops and any other object up to 1" thick. 

Crush Glow Selfie Light Features

  • Four levels of brightness allow you to achieve the perfect amount of lighting.
  • Charge your Selfie Light via USB (just like your phone)
  • Easily carry the Selfie Light in a small purse or bag
  • The Selfie Light is compatible with any smart phone


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